About Us



Our History: The Cherished Story

Every great movement begins with a first step. The first step was when Polly Wright said yes to starting a journey to reach women in the sex industry. Having a history of being in the industry herself, Polly struggled with the idea of going back into a strip club. Her mission was simple: We're not here to rescue anyone. We're here to love.

She invited other women to join her in this endeavor. Several courageous women joined Polly for our first outreach November 2010. Uncertain as to how we’d be received, we were blown away by the acceptance from the managers, club owners and women! We Are Cherished is called to loving the dancers right where they are, in the clubs. This environment we enter once a month on a Friday night is their place of employment, so we want to respect this reality and spend only a brief, intentional time in the clubs so as to not distract them. A small, trained team of women deliver gifts of lip gloss, nail polish, earrings, and an invitation card to our weekly Support Group for any women in or from the sex industry.

We can’t stop there. Our ability to love extravagantly has to extend into answering the question, “Now what?” Bringing hope into the clubs is not enough. Therefore, our Support Group expands to create a holistic process. 

Our Support Group exists to provide a safe community for women and their children impacted through the sex industry. We offer community, support, encouragement and life-applicable teaching in an authentic environment. The focus is to nurture hope, identity, truth and love.

Through Support Group each woman has the opportunity to join our Wings Journey if she chooses to leave the sex industry lifestyle. Inspired by one of our very own graduates, our Wings Journey is an intentional process where our Case Managers walk with each woman through four seasons of discovering her identity, purpose and skills to become who she was created to be. This transformative process is symbolized by how we identify these precious ladies: Butterfly. Each woman is on a journey and is transforming into the woman she was created to be. Our goal is to walk along with her in that journey to empower her with the skills, tools and community needed to succeed.